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The key to provide effective solutions is to have experienced both sides of a situation. As a modern woman in life and business i have dealt with numerous challenging experiences. As a integrative psychotherapist i realized that what really matters is to see the positive change in my clients lives. As a woman in business i have dealt with many challenges. The most important was  to balance the female with the business identity and the modern pressure of the digital economy. Me and my team mission is to provide solutions and positive changes not just services.

Our Methodology

Client Centered Therapy

How our personal qualities and skills can empower us to identify our client needs

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

How our thoughts & emotions can influence our impact and performance

Defensive Mechanism & Secure Attachment

How to identify our & other people’s defensive mechanisms

Mirroring Client Relations

Together we develop the methodology of creating the right teams within your organization for the right project

Business Oriented

All of our methodologies and practices are exclusively designed around the latest scientific research on corporate psychology

Positive Psychology

Learn how to use emotional intelligence. Transform the negative feelings of your personnel into hope and optimism and make them more productive



Companies and Executives

Sessions for Psychotherapists

On Line Psychology Seminars

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