Group therapy

After the completion of personal therapy, it is usually recommended to participate in group therapy, by achieving higher level growth through the dynamics of a group.

It is especially helpful for those who have processed multiple issues in personal and they wish to develop more their transpersonal skills, dealing with emotional discrepancies , accompanied with the challenge to present the self in front of others.

Group members are selected by the therapist either in terms of homogeneity in regards to personal issues or full heterogeneity, This call originates mainly in patient’s therapeutic demand/goal. In the first case people suffer from a very specific/common experience that it is important to deal with, while in second case patients want to deal with several issues in order to evolve emotionally by participating to a group that represent society in a smaller scale.

Group therapy is created especially for those who struggle in sustaining personal relationships including issues like intimacy, trust, and confidence.

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