Personal Therapy for psychology students

Let’s go to the basics. A mental health professional ought to complete training from a recognized organization regardless the state.

Psychologist /psychotherapist studies are considered to be at least 8 years including 4 years of psychology bachelor, 3 years of diploma in preference of a psychotherapeutic approach accompanied with personal therapy and supervised practice.

Working for enhancing the therapeutic relationship is more than reading a theory in psychology. Relationship dynamics take flesh between 2 or more people; in case of couple therapy or group therapy. Since a therapist has to know how to deal the self and then with others.

The right training for a mental health professional offers insight in ways that will handle personal problems without mirroring them in patient’s life.


This insight requires not only the right training, but even more the proper personal therapy and skilled supervision. The inner force of a incubated psychotherapist is to look through and work in deeper level personal experiences and improve the way of connecting with others. 


The chosen therapeutic approach in regards to personal can be ether the same of training or another approach in order to exposed to different practices. In contrast with supervision in which therapeutic training must be the same of training for reasons of professional evolvement.

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