Women Leaders

The Challenge

One and only. First be a woman.

The modern economy is demanding and hard. Both men and women in modern couples or families have to support their home financially and work.

Furthermore women coming from middle class families have experienced great expectations pressure in order to create a professional career. Women have been in the workforce for decades and have experienced severe obstacles within their business environment but from society as well as for  promoting in higher and more important administrative positions.

In our times women face the challenge of handling the pressure to combine their woman nature with leadership. Positions of power come with a lot of challenges such as competition from other women within the same organization, decision questioning from men, limited time and the traditional expectation from society to succeed, become a wife, mother and children role model.

Our solution

We have developed a workshop and toolkit so as to empower women entrepreneurs and executives to take control of their business environment and be able to prioritize their actions and guide their business and personal relations to a productive phase.

Through our workshop you will be able to solve problems with colleagues and other women in your business ecosystem, communicate better with your men colleagues and build and inspire strong teams that will follow your guidance and bring results.


  • Problem solving skills
  • How to inspire & guide other women in the field
  • Logical reasoning
  • Team building & creativity
  • How to adapt in men business
  • Motivate and inspire others
  • Make an impact
  • Balance personal life with work life
  • Create unique methodology

Projected Results

  • Improvement of personal relations with men and women within your organization
  • Create strong relations with your team
  • Handle the pressure for success
  • Go beyond criticism and thrive in your business field
  • Become a leader and inspire
  • Evolve your personality
  • Improve you politics and negotiation skills
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